Innovative Cancer Therapies Differentiated by Target

Safely improving patient survival rates in aggressive solid tumors with immunotherapy against novel onco-viral targets

Thelper AS is a Norwegian biotechnology company aiming to develop innovative treatments against incurable cancers. We have identified a virally encoded biomarker that is abundantly expressed in aggressive and metastatic solid tumors, but is virtually absent in healthy tissues. Our invention enables the development of highly precise, off-the-shelf immunotherapies specifically targeting cancer cells and the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. By sparing healthy cells, Thelper’s therapeutic candidates will likely result in reduced toxicity profiles for patients.

Our Science

First-In-Class Compounds

High tumor specificity and the potential to alleviate tumor immunosuppression differentiate our therapeutic candidates along safety and durability lines. Our innovative therapies are also agnostic to viral strain variants, allowing us to reach the full spectrum of target patients suffering from aggressive, solid cancers.

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