About us

Transformative, Impactful Innovation.

Targeted immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer therapy, but its use remains limited in the solid tumor setting.

Thelper has discovered novel viral targets highly expressed within the tumor and its microenvironment, but absent in normal, healthy tissue. We are actively leveraging our discovery to create highly potent, first-in-class immunotherapies against these tumor-associated viral antigens.

We are a company that aims to TRANSFORM the treatment paradigm for solid tumor patients, and positively IMPACT their life.

Our People

Katja Vetvik, MD, PhD
Katja Vetvik, MD, PhDFounder, Thelper AS
Ernest Aw, PhD
Ernest Aw, PhDResearch Manager and Business Developer
Xuan Jiang, PhD
Xuan Jiang, PhDResearch Scientist
Alix Rafael-Alves, MSc
Alix Rafael-Alves, MScLaboratory Manager
Ida Lindem, MD
Ida Lindem, MDIndustrial PhD student

The Board

Knut Kjær
Knut KjærPartner, FSN Capital and Executive Chairman, Sector Asset Management, Chairman of the Board
Katja Vetvik, MD, PhD
Katja Vetvik, MD, PhDFounder, Thelper AS
Thomas Bengt Andersson, PhD
Thomas Bengt Andersson, PhDSenior Advisor, Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, and Partner, Skogsmöllan AB
Jannicke<br/>Mellin-Olsen, MD
Mellin-Olsen, MDAnaesthesiologist, Baerum Hospital, and former President, WFSA

Scientific Advisory Board

Jürgen Geisler, MD, PhD
Jürgen Geisler, MD, PhDProfessor, University of Oslo, and Senior Consultant, Akershus University Hospital
Stener Kvinnsland, MD, PhD
Stener Kvinnsland, MD, PhDProfessor Emeritus, University of Bergen
Mari Kaarbø, PhD
Mari Kaarbø, PhDGroup leader, Oslo University Hospital
Ian Wilkinson, PhD
Ian Wilkinson, PhDCSO, mAbsolve, and Founder, mAbvice
Torill Sauer, PhD
Torill Sauer, PhDProfessor Emerita in Pathology, University of Oslo and Akershus University Hospital
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